CBD and sport

Sports and CBD

International organizations and CBD?

CANNABIDIOL has long been stigmatized for coming from the Cannabis plant, but step by step this stigma has been giving way because of the recognized properties of Cannabidiol.

Already in the Vienna Convention of February 21, 1971, on psychotropic substances, the UN does NOT includes CBD.

Subsequently, the WHO, in its report of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence of November 2017, qualifies Cannabidiol as a normal, non-addictive substance without psychoactive effects. In short, a well-tolerated substance with nothing to indicate abuse or dependence on it.

Currently CBD or Cannabidiol, is legal throughout the EU as long as the level of THC it contains is less than 0.2%.


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since January 1, 2020, has removed Cannabidiol or CBD from its list of prohibited substances.

In its section on substances and methods prohibited in competition, it is detailed in section S8 that Cannabidiol is EXCLUDED from the substances prohibited for competition.

You can acces to its content through WADA’s website https://www.wada-ama.org/

Atletismo y CBD

This, in fact, means that any athlete can ingest CBD and the result of the competition test cannot be nullified by this fact.

CBD can be used for the treatment of muscle pain in athletes or to alleviate their muscle fatigue.

CBD can also be used to get deep asleep or to achieve the desired relaxation effect before the competition. CBD can be used as an anti-inflammatory, etc etc without being penalized in any way.

It is, in short, very good news for elite athletes who can count on CBD as a good ally to achieve the best results.

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