We are a brand totally oriented to legal Cannabis products..

People first. People come first and foremost, so

  • We offer CBD products that improve people’s well-being and health. Our goal is to help treat your ailments and improve your quality of life.
  • In our company we take care of the human factor, we encourage teamwork, collaboration and the value of friendship. We try to harmonize work and family life. We understand that the family is the foundation of society.

Respect Nature. We love the Earth and we are very committed to sustainability. Our products come from legal cannabis from European crops that are 100% organic and respectful of the environment. The extraction systems we use do not use chemicals or heavy metals and do not produce waste. We want to leave a clean and habitable planet to our descendants.

Think green. We are passionate advocates of the multiple virtues and therapeutic and recreational characteristics of cannabis. That is why we think green and advocate legalizing its consumption. Our purpose is to facilitate the consumption of CBD to those who seek its benefits for health, well-being or treatment of pain, or who simply seek its relaxing effects.

Best quality. We seek quality and excellence in all our products, always trying to improve. We choose the best quality products and extract full spectrum CBD that includes a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp, and that generates the entourage effect maximizing the results obtained.

Honestity. We always work with honesty and integrity, complying with what we advertise, and in a transparent manner. It is the way to earn the trust of our customers. All Hempsteam products are completely legal and free of THC (<0.2%), there is no psychoactivity or “high”.

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